Ireland Natural Medicine

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Natural Medicine Centre

The Natural Medicine Centre and Acupuncture Clinic is a complementary medical clinic that successfully improves the health and well being of patients.

Nordic Natural Energies

Run by Ciaran Graham, this site documents his extensive research into the subject of natural energies and how it affects our health and the world around us.

OBUS Holistic Wellness Centre

OBUS Holistic Wellness centre offers a wide range of fully accredited courses in the area of complementary therapies. They also have a dedicated massage clinic and therapists open 7 days a week for individual massage appointments.


A Reiki healer acts as a channel between the Wisdom and the patient. The healer has no influence on the degree of healing but simply facilitates the flow of energy to where it is best needed.

Reiki Courses in Dublin

Patricia Loughlin has over 25 Years Teaching Experience Reiki is a powerful healing energy Reiki will help Build your Confidence, become more positive, develop successful and happier relationships, more energy

SHEN Therapy

You may be affected by anxiety, sadness or depression, or perhaps a traumatic experience that is affecting you, your life and lifestyle. You may be thinking that life is not going according to what you dreamed of or planned, or you simply want to make positive change in your life. SHEN Therapy can help you make that positive change.

Shiatsu Health Belfast

Shiatsu practitioner and teacher John McKeever RPSSI(T) provides Shiatsu, Massage, Meditation and Nutritional therapies, offering relief from backpain, sciatica, whiplash, sleep disorders, stress and other emotional problems, digestive issues and more. John also runs training courses, from introductory to practitioner level.

Solas Healing

Brian McCullen offering Reiki Healing, Crystal Therapy, Transpersonal Counselling, Thought Field Therapy, Reiki Training in Ireland, Crystal Healing Workshops, Psychic Development in Ireland.

The Bee Hive

This site is dedicated to finding balance, peace and love within as we approach the new millenium. It is a resource of information for all those engaged in spiritual growth throughout Ireland.

The David Burke Clinic

David burke is a naturopath, herbalist, nutrition, sports psychology and hypnotherapy expert based in Waterford Ireland.