Ireland Charities

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Bothar is the Irish Third World Development Agency which provides poverty stricken families with the means to solve their problems permanently. We give a family a dairy cow, a dairy goat or a flock of chicks and the training and support which enables them to look after the animal.

Brain Research - Finding Answers

A non-profit charity which, through research and teaching, aims to find the causes of and treatments for a range of neuroloogical illnesses.

Bray Cancer Support

The Bray Cancer Support Centre is a registered charity (number 12589). We provide cancer support services and facilities free of charge to people affected by cancer in the greater Bray, South Dublin and Leinster areas.

Camphill Communities

Camphill Communities of Ireland are life-sharing communities creating a comprehensive, therapeutic and supportive environment where people with special needs can live and make their home together with volunteers and voluntary helpers and reach their full potential.

Cancer Care West

The West of Ireland Charity, Supporting cancer patients and their families.

Cara Projects

CARA Projects is the brainchild of Paddy OConnor. He feels that the greatest benefit can be given to a community by providing them with good facilities for their children. With this in mind he decided to create his own building project where a group of volunteers would travel to Kenya to work on a building project that mattered. It would start small but each year it would grow and develop some more.


CARI aims to provide a professional, child centred therapy and counselling service to children, families and groups affected by child sexual abuse, to support and assist their recovery process.

CBM Ireland

The Christian Blind Mission works in over 110 different countries around the world fighting against blindness and disability.


A little Shamrock is a campaign in support of Cheeverstown, which is a voluntary organisation and registered charity which provides services to over 400 children and adults with a mental handicap.

Ciaran Carr Foundation

We are a charity concerned with what is commonly known as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS).