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Irish Military Online

Covering the Army, Air Corps and Naval Service. Also contains a message board.

National Procurement Service

Welcome to the home of the National Procurement Service. Our aim is to achieve greater efficiencies and value for money in the procurement of all goods and services for the Irish public service. As a buyer or a supplier, the many useful features on this site will assist you in all your procurement activities with the public service.

Northern Ireland Assembly

The New Northern Ireland Assembly was established as part of the Belfast Agreement reached at the multi-party negotiations on Friday 10 April, now commonly referred to as the 'Good Friday Agreement'.

Northern Ireland Executive

108 members were elected to the New Northern Ireland Assembly in June 1998. The functions of the 11 Departments were agreed by the Assembly in February 1999. It has full legislative and executive authority - that is, the power to make laws and take decisions on all the functions of the Northern Ireland Departments.

Public Affairs and Government Relations

Since 1998, Stratagem has been helping organisations navigate the changing climate of Northern Ireland government. Resourceful and creative, our staff bring experience in politics, policy and campaigning

The Chief State Solicitor's Office

The Chief State Solicitor's Office is a constituent element of the Attorney General's Office. The principal functions of the Attorney General are to advise the Government in matters of law and legal opinion and to provide the State with both drafting and litigation services.

The Department of Education and Skills

The Department of Education and Skills is a department of the Irish state with responsibility for education and training. The mission of the Department is to provide high-quality education.

The Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation

The Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation’s mission is to encourage the creation of high quality and sustainable full employment by championing enterprise across government, supporting a competitive enterprise base, promoting a low tax environment to incentivise work and enterprise, and promoting fair and competitive markets.